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Enjoy Free Mobility by choosing electrical bikes, scooters, public transportation or cars.

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Your employer gives you a travel allowance when you have downloaded the app
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Go fast and far without limits, paying with Eljun at your favorite mobility services

Travel sustainably and save money

Here is why you will like Eljun

On a mission to increase sustainable mobility through a people-focused digital wallet.

Easier and cheaper is our priority

Your transportation costs has never been reported easier.

Choose from sustainable mobility operators, like a charging station or local scooter operator.

We connect with sponsors who are willing to cover some of your mobility costs, so you can enjoy commuting while doing good for the planet and for your wallet.
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Connect with your sponsors

We've teamed up with leading benefit providers, offering you subsidized monthly mobility credits.

Do like hundreds of others and discover exclusive offers and discounts on mobility within your Eljun digital wallet.

Your next journey is just a tap away!

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