One wallet,
unlimited potential
Travelling made easy, cheap and sustainable.
Eljun’s mission
To create new effective ways of working together toward our common goals.

Who we are

We aim to become a global player to facilitate eMobility payments. With a large network of partners, we can financially incentivise end-customers to travel more sustainable.

What we do

Eljun is a blockchain-based, green payment solution that makes it easier and more profitable for people to choose eMobility. We help people be part of the green transition while giving them convenience, cash and comfort.


Strengthen your brand by being the force of change

Be a steward for nature by kickstarting the transition

Take care of your stakeholders by rewarding them with free and green transportation

Green transportation made easy for your customers.

eNetwork's open protocol allows you to access customer behavior data to enhance your membership programs.


Travel for free

Use your eTokens to get free eMobility transportation. Earn them from your loyalty programs.

Take Charge

Decide how you spendyour eTokens: charge your car, travel by train, bus, or scooter

All in one place

The Eljun app provides an overview of all operators and providers and is a portal into their apps.
Credit card mockups

meet and keep your new customer

The eNetwork is the uniform meeting place for eMobility. We bring together partnering companies and customer groups through loyalty programs, so that you can meet sizeable new customer groups with loaded eWallets. Reduce your operational costs, scale your business, and increase your asset utilization by connecting to the eNetwork.
Increased asset utilization
Open API and seamless integration
No credit card processing fee
Attract customers with special offers when charging demand is low

Investment opportunity

The board of Eljun AB has decided to carry out a new issue of shares. Join us in our efforts towards a fossil-fuel-free transportation sector and seize this early-on investment opportunity for the future of eMobility payment systems. Request for our investment memorandum.


Contact us

Not all roads lead to a charging point, but you can always come to us for all eMobility needs.
  • Birger Jarlsgatan 57C
    113 56 Stockholm
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