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A digital wallet enhancing the eMobility experience, now in an app store near you!

The payment solution that turns eMobility users into your loyal customer

Eljun provides you with the loyalty program that incentivizes customer/employer retention through cheap and efficient charging.

Help your customer/employee make the green transition. Contact us for more information or;

Get free and convenient eMobility with our digital currency, the eToken

No More fragmented solutions for eMobility. Eljun is the app that lets you manage all of your transactions in one single place and get free eMobility.

The modern citizen deserves better.

Increase your asset utilization with Eljun

By connecting to the eNetwork, you will gain access to larger customer groups with loaded eWallets ready for spending.

Contact us and let’s revolutionize eMobility together.

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What Sets Us Apart

Eljun is the Old Norse name for energy. For us, it means a natural and great force that we all can use. We believe that transitioning to greener energy should not only be favorable but also profitable. Our Scandinavian roots are at the core of our identity, it comes with respect for our beautiful landscapes and a closeness to nature.