Open eMobility Network

For Enterprises

It is time to look beyond EV charging infrastructure. That is where you find eMobility ecosystem that combines physical infrastructure, digital domain and multiple stakeholders.  

Entering Eljun Network will mean getting an access to an advanced digital infrastructure for electric vehicles while having a full operational transparency and control. Our platform connects multiple CPO’s, private hosts and other stakeholders who pledge to the efficient electrification of the fleet. 

For Car Makers & CPOs

Imagine all the details that eMobility lacks. Harmonized payment, bulletproof digital domain, customer-centric design, and convenience. We got it covered. It is time to simplify, digitalize, customize, and integrate the eMobility ecosystem. 

Through our Network you will directly address all the issues that hinder potential customers from the transition to EV and build a resilient Post Petrol Era. 

Strategic Partnerships

One small drive for an electrical vehicle, one giant leap for eMobility

Modern problems require modern solutions, Let's revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.


Cooperation is embedded in Eljun’s DNA and we cherish it deeply. At this point, customers need to engage in multiple relationships with CPOs, Roaming hubs, Car manufacturers, and financiers. All the fragmented solutions are proven to be not efficient enough. We want to unite all the stakeholders within eMobility in mutually beneficial cooperation to get rid of the fossil fuel industry for good. Electrifying the fleet together with incentives for all parties.

Digital Infrastructure

With a common digital platform that supports open standards and enables booking and payment, we foster business agility and transform user experience into a whole new ballgame. Our platform is wired to improve cost, reliability and efficiency of the roaming. We plan to bring the digital domain of eMobility to the quality that it requires. 

Open eMobility Network

We've built a network that can connect to popular charging station brands directly and integrate with roaming services making available already existing networks of charging stations. Inside our network, you'll find two patent-pending tools that have the potential to  harmonize and revolutionize the payment system for the charging infrastructure. This blockchain-based technology does not need a centralized entity (e.g. Banks) and therefore can be utilized across the borders. We plan to foster cross-sector cooperation by providing inclusive, cost-efficient, and convenient technology.

Unified Payment Engine

Relief is when you know that a decentralized payment method to harmonize and simplify transactions within the charging infrastructure is already developed. It is not only transparent, secure, and cost-efficient but also provides access to financial services for everyone and from any location. The Payment engine is supported by patent-pending blockchain-based tools called eWallet and eToken. The latter one is designed to include metadata such as origin owner, ownership management, and ownership history. eWallet is an application that allows for tokens to be stored, transacted, and retrieved. 


Our vision is to integrate this Payment engine with all eMobility services so that when dealing with transactions, the only feeling you get is relief.

The modern citizen deserves better

No more fragmented solutions for EV charging. One platform for every whim. 

No more sleeping infrastructure that pushes the breaks of eMobility.

We activate every tool and actor in the sector to optimize the services. 

For EV Drivers

 We are tired of our industry being dependent on multiple apps and the modern citizen deserves a better experience. So we built an app to end all apps, or at least speed up the shift to a better future for the modern citizen. Our app consists of everything you need as a driver of electrical vehicles and what modern technology can offer. Most importantly we can ease the transition of our current industry development to a more inclusive and efficient one, where the technology needed for a worry-free charging experience and infrastructure is a part of your everyday life, without you having to think about it or even using an app for it.