Bring your loyalty program to another level with programmable money
Connect seamlessly with merchants and increase brand loyalty
by stepping into Eljun ecosystem of benefits.

Introducing the Next Generation
of Loyalty Solutions

Eljun is proud to bring you
"Loyalty as a Service".

Leveraging Web3 technology to transform and enhance customer loyalty programs.

⟶   How do programmable money work?



Customers hold a web 3 wallet,
that can be utalised with
virtual / tokenised cards.


Program your coin: name, logo,
terms and limitations.

We already support 153 currencies.. and counting!


Allow personalised customer loyalty and enjoy increased brand strength.

Enhanced control, reduced administration, extended data.

⟶   Application of programmable money

Employee benefits

Airlines, hotels, leisure

Gaming and online stores

⟶   Eljun Web3 solution

Find partners

Earn eTokens to your wallet,
share with family and friends


Pay with your digital wallet at your favorite service provider


See your loyalty status and balance in Eljuns or loyalty service providers application
Increase customer loyalty with programmable money.
Let the customer decide.

⟶   Benefits

Customisable loyalty programs

Efficient coin utilisation

Real-time traceable data

Seamless merchant integration

The Trusted Ecosystem Enabler

Flexible: Easily evolve your loyalty offerings

Reliable: Provide real-time, traceable data

Empowering: Let customers earn, spend, and share loyalty points seamlessly

All your bonus points in one place - Eljun.
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