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we are Eljun!

We help you produce, optimise & share your renewable energy

Eljun enables good energy for everyone, with inclusive and innovative solutions. Welcome to the Energy Club!

Take part of this journey towards the new digital energy system, built and operated by you - the people.

What role do you want to have?

Energy sharing

Get the most out of your renewable energy

Thanks to advecment in techonology the cost for investing in renewable energy is plumenting. Even so, you still have legislations and grid costs working against you long term, we are changing that. Become a producing member and sell your surplus to other members at a normal market rate, instead of the minimum grid costs or risk having to pay for sending energy back to the grid.

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How does it work?

Become a member

We will take care of the entire onboarding process and set up everything. We'll help free your energy contract from your old retailer and get you started with and guide you through your membership in the Energy Club.

Invest in green energy

Decide if you want to purchase or rent renewable energy hardware. Don't worry, we'll guide you through the process. The more investments you make the more active you can be, but of course this is an important decision up to you.

Consume and provide

When you become a member, you can consume energy shared from your neighbors or community. Of course, if you produce more renewable energy than you consume, you can share and sell it others.

Sustainable impact

By connecting more people and communities, people all over the country can contribute and share renewable energy. Only together can we be the solution - all while doing good for ourselves and our communities.

Eljun* = energy

*Good energy since way back!

Eljun is the Old Norse name for energy. For us, it means a natural and great force that we all can carry. It's a word that we have shared with many others, across land that is today separated by borders and slow-moving monopolies in the energy sector.

Our Scandinavian roots are at the core of our identity, it comes with a respect for our beautiful landscapes and a closeness to nature.


Together we are shaping our future

We have the solution for you and the partners to make it even better as we are taking our first steps of building a new energy-system. Thanks to our ongoing project with the Swedish Energy Agency our Energy Club is now live in Näshulta, Eskilstuna. A project that is empowered by local change-agents, IBM, Kraftpojkarna, SoLucy and a mix of academic partners. All working with us to develop and optimise your energy and your future. Read more about our partners and join the development!


LRF thinks that this disruptive idea is a very promising solution that hopefully can create an entirely new market for renewable energy.

Erik Pihlo, CFO LRF


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Birger Jarlsgatan 57C

Norrsken House, 113 56

Stockholm, Sweden

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