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We are building a new renewable energy market with the help of modern technology and people like you.

Our aim is to make it simple for you to find your own role in creating a green future.

Let us introduce

Renewable energy sharing

Joining the Energy Club in simple terms means you get the most out of your own renewable energy or you consume locally produced energy from another member's roof.


That's right, if you want to install one or if you already have a solar instalment in place you can also share your self-produced 100% green energy with other members or connected EV charging stations. At a market price! 

And for the ones not planning on installing solar panels or buying an electrical vehicle, you can buy locally produced green energy direct from another member. 

In short, through our Energy Club you can join and create digital green energy communities, save money, gain a passive income and create your own sustainable impact! (2).gif

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Share & Sell 

How does it work?

Starting now and until 2022 we are launching our Energy Club where you can tailor your membership based on your own capabilities and needs.

In the Energy Club we are gathering your power bill, hardware for producing energy, charging stations for electrical vehicles across Sweden and the optimisation as well as distribution of your own energy in one digital platform.

Right now we have opened up for members that would like to both produce, consume and share renewable energy and members that want to connect their EV charging post. Is that you?

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We offer, install and implement high-quality turnkey systems, products and services in solar energy, energy storage and charging infrastructure. Already got an instalment in place? Then move down to optimise and share and let's add "earning money" to your instalment saving the planet. (1).gif



Today you can't get away from the mix of energy sources coming from the grid. With a consumer-based membership (launching December 2021) you will be able to buy your electricity direct from locally produced sources. Just imagine your smartphone being charged with solar energy from the countryside.



Sit back and charge your batteries. As part of you membership we'll help you optimise your energy production and/or consumption. We'll automatically store your energy for rainy days and help you get the most out of the performance of your shared energy through charging stations or other instalments. (2).gif


Share & Sell
When you become a member, you can consume energy shared from your neighbours or community. Of course, if you produce more renewable energy than you consume, you can share and sell it to others. By adding this feature you are joining an innovative new marketplace for renewable energy.

The Open Charging Network is an open-source, decentralized, digital protocol for electric vehicle (EV) charging, including peer-to-peer sharing between EV charging station owners and EV drivers. We want to enable all of the charging stations in our Energy Club to the OCN. Become a member and your charging station today!

We just launched the first Open Charging Network (OCN) node in Sweden!

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Latest blogposts

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LRF thinks that this disruptive idea is a very promising solution that hopefully can create an entirely new market for renewable energy.

Erik Pihlo, CFO LRF

Together we are shaping our future


We have the solution for you and the partners to make it even better as we are taking our first steps of building a new energy-system. Thanks to our ongoing project with the Swedish Energy Agency our Energy Club is now live in Näshulta, Eskilstuna. A project that is empowered by local visionaries, IBM, Kraftpojkarna, SoLucy and a mix of academic partners. All working with us to develop and optimise your energy and your future. Read more about our partners and join the development!

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