Lower transaction costs, more customers, additional revenue streams with Eljun Wallet-as-a-Service

Connect your electrical cars, bicycles, scooters and other transportation vehicles to the Eljun ecosystem.
Let's build a sustainable future together.


Get started today with an easy
Wallet-as-a-Service plugin

  • Increased asset utilisation
  • Attract customers with special offers
  • Lowering your transaction costs
  • Open API and seamless integration
wallet as a service
electirc car on charge

Increase your asset utilization

By enabling the Eljun digital wallet in your system, you will gain access to a larger customer group ready for spending.

Let’s revolutionize eMobility together.

A method to meet and keep your customers

We bring together partnering companies and customer groups through employee benefit programs, so that you can meet sizeable new customer groups with loaded Eljun wallets.

Reduce your operational costs and scale your business by enabling Eljun to Swedish customers.