One wallet - unlimited sustainable mobility

We at Eljun call sustainable mobility - eMobility.

Eljun is your wallet that lets you manage all of your sustainable transport costs in one single place and get free eMobility.

Eljun digital wallet for sustainable transportation - app overview

Travel sustainably and save money

Sustainable and cheaper

Morning traffic, another rise of fuel price, can’t find a parking place while rushing to work?.. We are here with a better solution!

Do good for the environment and for yourself with Eljun – choose just whatever sustainable transport you wish and travel cheaper or even for free with one digital wallet.

Eljun is an eco-system for eco-travels.
Eljun user riding a scooter

You travel - they pay

With Eljun you can travel cheaper or even for free, when subsidized by your employer or shared within your close ones. We've teamed up with leading benefit providers, offering you subsidized monthly mobility credits.

Do like hundreds of others and discover exclusive offers and discounts on mobility within your Eljun digital wallet.

Your next journey is just a tap away!
Eljun user subsidized by an employer

One wallet - all transports

Take public transport on Monday, a scooter on Tuesday and e-bike on Wednesday. Instead of adding your credit card details into all the mobility services that you use, we simplify the process by having one uniform payment option across all of your favorite services.

You will always be in control of your own digital wallet, and we use BankID for authentication, so you can be ensured that the only thing you should worry about ... is where should you go next.
Eljun user downloading the app

Share with family

Your digital wallet is yours, but sometimes you want to share with family or friends. Invite them into a family wallet and start sharing seamlessly.

You and your loved ones are making the world a healthier place with Eljun.
Eljun users caring about environment

Mobility expense tracking

As the uniform payment option across your favorite ways of getting around, your digital wallet gives you a clear overview on your expenses and environmental ipmact in a single place.

Eljun allows you to have control over your movements and save money for something you’ve always wanted.
Eljun user paying for a sustainable transport