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We simplify and optimize the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles so that it becomes a more convenient option than a combustion engine vehicle

Eljun develops a harmonized payment system for EV charging infrastructure that will be more secure, convenient, and accessible to a wider public

The eNetwork is a platform where operators can attract new customers with offers and gather valuable real-time customer data with the use of our blockchain digital currency. 

Resulting in that operators will be able to increase their asset utilization on already existing infrastructure.

By securing charging opportunities in remote locations we plan to ease traveling for EV owners and decrease range anxiety. Another way we hope to contribute is by providing Stockholm City a unified platform for all e-Mobility providers. 

As a marketing and customer-insight tool, the eNetwork will dramatically reduce the time until newly established operators reach brake-even in revenue. It will lower the high-entry barriers that currently exist on the market and new operators will have a greater chance for competing with bigger market players. 



Apart from increasing the asset utilization on charging infrastructure, our decentralized payment solution has a unique potential in streamlining the transition to shared transportation services and innovating public transport. Mainly as a payment solution for a price -and ticket system that makes it easier and more attractive to move between shared transportation services and redefine the role of public transport. 


By complementing the web2 centralized with a web3 decentralized payment system on the eMobility market, we will enhance the technical capacity of the whole industry. The combination of multi-payer functionality and one integration point for operators allows for a platform that seamlessly coordinates a multiplicity of companies in sustainable market competition and in turn, stimulates innovation and investment in charging infrastructure. 



Unlimited eMobility

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The eNetwork consolidates innovative financial technology with the market forces, the tax system, and the logic of customer loyalty- and employee benefit programs with the purpose of accelerating the electrification of the transportation sector. 

As such, we intend to provide the eMobility industry with the tools to reach the goal of reducing the emissions of Sweden’s transportation sector by 70% in 2030, as compared to 2010.

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