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*Producing Consumer. For those that want to produce renewable energy and gather everything under one roof, your own, and also contribute to the community.

What we have added to the mix is that we think it is good that you sometimes have more renewable energy produced than what you can consume yourself, and by being a member in the Energy Club means that the surplus energy can be shared with others directly at market price or what you set yourself. You are in control and it benefits you. Also, have or want a car charging station? Even without, being a member in the Energy Club gives automatic access to the network of charging stations connected. But if you do, sell your surplus from roof to car at a profitable price, or bring it with you when you travel.

Get the most out of your investment in renewable energy, start save and earn money on it! Want to know more, hear what Elin is saying about being a prosumer in the Energy Club. (3).gif

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For you that are looking to upgrade your home to produce and consume cheap and green renewable energy and get connected and start sharing with others.

Get connected

For you who already have solar panels and would perhaps like to add a battery or a charging station but first and foremost get connected with others and start sharing.

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We are working on something exciting that allows anyone that joins the Energy Club can start consuming renewable energy shared by other members that have excess. Even if you don't have solar panels on your own. Switch energy contract one last time, switch to your own.

To know that you are interested, fill in the form and you'll hear from us very soon. 

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A major part of the new green energy system is the ability to provide enough renewable energy to the demand. Are you planning for a large installation or already have one and looking for better ways for your produced energy than just "sell back to the grid"? 

Reach out to us and we can discuss how being a member in the Energy Club is the "better way" you're looking for.

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Welcome to the future! Talk soon.