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What does it mean to work from Europes biggest Impact Hub?

Being part of a modern community consisting of people and partners tackling the

world's biggest problems means a lot of things. In one day, you could go to a morning rave to gain “world-changing energy", discuss solutions to United Nations Development Goals in the queue to the coffee machines and bump into world-famous entrepreneurs using any of the 50 hand-sanitisers at the office.

Now Eljun is all about innovative communities. We give individuals the opportunity to produce their own renewable energy, optimise their consumption and most importantly share that energy with others. To a certain degree, it is the core of what we are trying to achieve. A community that shares and drives sustainable change.

So, what is the point for us being part of a social impact-driven community like the one Norrsken House offers, or even striving to be a part of one?

Norrsken House is not your average office. It’s built inside one of the grand halls of an old tram station in the heart of Stockholm. The masonry, steel beams and railroad tracks going in the front door, while the workplace itself is state-of-the-art. It most importantly includes the must-haves for a start-up, Wi-Fi and coffee. With a lot of other practicalities.

Now, is it morning raves, coffee, fame or old tram stations that validates the point of being a part of their community?

No, not really. It’s just what is happening on the well-branded surface of Norrsken. The real value lays in the accessibility to like-minded people, partners and investors. Accessibility to people that have the key resources or skills to help scale your organisation and therefore your social impact. And what Norrsken is doing better than anyone else is facilitating that accessibility between the right people.

Niklas Adalberth, the founder of Norrsken Foundation, said in an interview regarding the biggest challenges in identifying the potential of a start-up (Worldfavor).

To be able to evaluate which teams or entrepreneurs are able to handle the roller coaster ride that start-ups need to go through is really hard. Ideas are nothing, people are everything.

Norrsken House acts as a toolbox filled with beneficial tools that helps you to realize your vision. Investors, Bankers, Lawyers, Creative Agencies and other relevant partners all within a slack message reach. Usually in that order, so you can afford to partner up as well.

We are energised by exchanging good energy and insights with the people behind 150 other impact-driven start-ups and empowered by Norrsken’s vast ecosystem of partners. All to create the best experience for our community, the core of our Energy Club.

If we can learn anything from working from Norrsken House it is that creating a high-qualitative and simple accessibility between the right people is a fundamental, desirable and needed value when creating both impact and a community.

At Eljun, we truly believe that coming together is the only way to create and drive global positive change.

That belief comes from more than our presence at the Norrsken House. We have experienced how slow-moving industries and institutes are not reaching their sustainable development goals and using what’s called flexible mechanisms to fine-tune the figures. Flexible mechanisms are for instance what the Swedish government call it when they calculate their investments in sustainable actions abroad as a part of their national progress of reaching the goals set for Sweden. We also know that great innovation usually starts with a shared intention and conversation rather than boardroom meetings. In fact, to quote Greta Thunberg

Every great change throughout history has come from the people.

Our solution is being led by the community of our Energy Club. Our intention is therefore about facilitating the accessibility to the tools needed when driving sustainable change. Our vision is, a future where local renewable energy sources are the only reasonable option, and we look back and wonder how we ever considered anything else.

Norrsken is our toolbox filled with people that share our intentions, partners that share our vision and resources that realise our development. Making it a place where we can bring together people, purpose and profit.

What does your community withhold?

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