• Erik Granholm

Member vs "Grid Connection"

"We've always done it this way" is one incredibly dangerous but yet very common mindset. There's always that one time where you've had a great idea but it gets shut down because it is "out of line", and most of the time it is not ill meant. Managers have budgets to maintain, companies have shareholders to please, and so on. There are rules, both written and unwritten. However, when it gets destructive is when the entire culture is based on that mentality.

And ironically that culture is strong in possibly the most important sector that urgently needs a change. The energy sector. Now, we don't mean that we are not moving towards more renewable energy sources, or denying the massive growth in electrification of practically everything, but we mean to really take a look at the real root causes of the issues that exists today.

Things like large centralized production with inefficient energy transportation causing grid congestions, poor design and integration compatibility of fluctuating energy sources (such as practically all renewable energy sources), and the fact that the value of making investments and benefiting from the gains into smart and green technologies are limited to a few, really hinders a true transition into a sustainable energy system.

Why is it that although renewable energies such as solar is just getting cheaper and cheaper, our grid and energy bills keep increasing?

Something needs to happen. Something different. And just accepting the fact the energy system and its economic value chain is "optimal" just doesn't seem right to us. Instead, an energy system that is democratised where the end consumer, and their natural evolution to prosumers - self producing consumers, is not an after-thought is that better way. Where one is not punished for investing in and installing too many solar panels. Where one is in control of their own energy. Where one is a member of the energy system, and not just another "grid connection".

What is your thoughts? Do you feel like you are in control of your energy or just another customer?

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