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Member-Centred Design

A crucial part of putting our Energy Club members first is human-centred design when creating and communicating our brand and business. For us, that means finding synergies with partners that know how to enable and empower our values and vision for our members. We are happy to announce SoLucy as our long-term partner in doing just that.

SoLucy is a young and modern marketing and communication agency founded by Hyper Island Alumni Erik Granholm. SoLucy consists of a vast ecosystem of freelancers and creative partners, making them a flexible and diverse pool of B2B & B2C solutions if needed. We found our common ground with SoLucy during their partnership with the Norrsken Foundation and the Norrsken Student Innovation Lab 2019/2020.

In the Smart Farmer project, granted to us via the Swedish energy Agency, SoLucy takes the role of packaging and communicating our brand and business as we perform our pilot in Näshulta and simultaneously reach other markets relevant for our early-stage growth. They will play a large part in the overall growth and development of Eljun the coming two years

One thing that differs from other partners that either joined us via our Smart Farmer project or elsewhere, is that SoLucy’s Erik Granholm also has taken on the role as our Interim CMO. Here’s what he has to say about our partnership.

Erik Granholm:

“I feel honoured for the chance of getting to know and work so close wuth the Eljun team. They are ambassadors of merging people, tech, purpose and profit, one of the most important objectives we have at SoLucy - To work progressively with people that solve problems that matter.

I met the founders first at Hyper Island 2,5 years ago and then again at Norrsken 1,5 years ago, so we have been following the growth and transformation of Eljun for a while, which makes it even more exciting to be a part of it now. On a personal note, knowing that we (Eljun) mainly focus on the development and megatrends affecting rural areas and the countryside in Sweden, which is also where I’m from, drives my ambition and provides me with a bit of extra good energy.
In 2-3 years, I believe we will have joined companies like Tibber (which is currently leading the way) in size on the Swedish market and established ourselves across other Scandinavian markets.
In the next six months, we are not only showcasing our performance from our pilot in Näshulta but transforming start-up to staying up. I hope you’ll follow us and that development from now on.”
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