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It’s official. Eljun becomes part of KTH’s Formas-supported project!

Oh, how we love our academic partners! Each one of them helps us develop the Energy Club to its fullest potential. This time, we’re partnering up with The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Haneberg Lantbruk again but in a new project supported by Formas.

The project aims to analyze and develop distributed machine learning schemes, i.e. federated learning, to address problems of model accuracy, privacy and communication costs for load and RES forecasting in smart building DSM. In other words, the purpose is to develop and testify to efficient and secure distributed machine learning schemes for smart grids in community buildings. This will optimize energy management to eventually increase the overall RES energy usage and improve the economy of the smart buildings.

The results are expected to have solid impacts on the economy of the smart community (by optimizing power usage scheduling and trading) and also contribute to environment protection (by energy-saving and increasing RES usage).

- Smart Built Environment, 2021

In this 3,5 year-long project, KTH will be leading the development of the algorithms and testbeds, while Haneberg Lantbruk will be the suppliers of the field test and be end-users of the results. Our part in the project will be to provide the testbed and field test. And much like our vision, this project wants to increase the equality for digitalizing energy supply in suburban and farm areas. This becomes possible with the Haneberg Lantbruk as partners since their buildings are mostly in suburb or rural areas, in which fewer digitalization technologies are implemented compared to large cities.

The fruit of ours and our project partners’ labour will serve us, our partners and the world greatly. And we at Eljun look forward to being part of this project from day one, as we will be harvesting the results throughout the project to be able to consistently improve our Energy Club concept. As Fredrik Billing, our CEO, says:

“This project is an important piece of the puzzle in our endeavour to build a decentralised energy system and renewable energy communities.”

So, thank you, KTH, Haneberg Lantbruk and Formas for realising this project and choosing us as partners!

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