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Eljun Presents at Norrsken Meetup

Cecilia Hedlund, Eljun's former growth manager, pitches at Norrsken's Impact Meetup, how Eljun makes sustainability profitable and easy to choose.

"We believe everybody would choose fossil-free mobility if it was easy and free. But today, this is not the case."

Despite its clear environmental benefits, making the transition to fossil-free mobility is difficult.

Firstly, there's a lack of charging infrastructure, and secondly, there's no uniform payment system. Electric vehicle users need different apps to charge, depending on their location. And, depending on what city or area you're in, there are several apps you'll need to use to pay for your e-vehicle or e-scooter.

Thirdly, financial incentives are often skewed in favor of more carbon-intensive transport options such as air travel. So if you'd want to travel from Stockholm to Berlin, it's very likely that you'd choose the airplane rather than the train, simply because it's way cheaper.

Industry experts recognize two main impediments to the growth of electric vehicle markets:

Insufficient charging infrastructure and incompatible payment systems. Both issues need to be addressed in order for the EV market to gain traction toward progress.

That's why we created Eljun.

Eljun is a uniform payment system that will let us move as one toward a greener future.

We achieve this by connecting end-users and partnering companies and putting them together in the e-network where we create a win-win situation.

With our payment system, instead of having to put your payment details into ten different apps to charge your car or grab an e-scooter, you just press pay with Eljun.

With the power of blockchain payments, we let people travel sustainably for free by letting them spend e-tokens, which they earn from their customer and employee loyalty programs. So essentially, instead of getting a lunch coupon from your employer, you may get free transportation.

Look for the e-mobility solution that suits you.

You pay with your earned e-tokens anywhere you are in the world, whether it's on charging your EV, grabbing an e-scooter, or riding public transportation.

We want to enhance the e-mobility experience by making sustainable choices profitable, comfortable, and convenient.

Eljun's crowdfunding is now open, and even with a small investment, you can help us introduce our groundbreaking web3 payment solution on the market

To learn more about us and invest click here:

Support Eljun’s mission to create a world that rewards you for acting greener.

Thank you for joining us!

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