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Eljun podcast debuts!

Updated: Aug 30

Our CEO and co-founder Fredrik Billing recently had the honour to be interviewed by Christian von Essen in the future positive podcast Heja Framtiden (In English: Go future) - a podcast just up our alley!

Heja Framtiden is a Swedish podcast and platform for conversations about the future. They, and all the inspiring interviewees who take part in the podcast, “envision a bright, sustainable future based upon human collaboration, amazing technology and inevitable progress”. And we at Eljun can of course stand behind that quote! The podcast has also transformed into books, seminars, lectures, magazines, events and video content - all worthy to check out! Although most of their productions are in Swedish (this episode too), they do have some other episodes in English.

In the Eljun episode, you can hear Fredrik and Christian get down to what Eljun is all about and what we aim to do for the future of EV charging, return on green investments and eventually the entire energy sector. They also touch upon the subjects of how the Energy Club works in terms of smart tech, the challenges and possibilities of the EV charging station market and how one can encourage individuals to take climate actions when it comes to increasing renewable energy in society. So, lots of interesting topics!

But we won’t spoil more of the content of the episode, you’ll have to listen to it yourself! Which you can do here: http://hejaframtiden.se/heja-framtiden-podcast-229-fredrik-billing/ or by just pressing play down below.

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