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  • Fredrik Billing

Eljun drives the transition to sustainable transportation in partnership with Shibuya

If we are to solve today's sustainability problems, we must adopt a new type of technology and a new way of thinking that incentivizes people to change faster.

Eljun is an emerging digital payment solution for all types of e-mobility. Using blockchain technology, we connect loyalty programs and employee loyalty programs with all forms of e-mobility, providing financial incentives for end customers to travel sustainably.

As a platform, we handle the verification and transparency of transactions between partners in our e-network. We also plan to work with partners who do not have e-mobility as a core service but would like to offer it to their customer base.

How do we get people to change as quickly as we need them to ensure a sustainable future?

We are working to create something robust, that will be implemented on a global level. So from the start, we knew we needed to make it profitable and seamless for people to choose e-mobility. That’s where the idea of using customer and employee loyalty programs came in. Most people already have some sort of coupons available, either from work or supermarket loyalty programs, so if can engage this group of people digitally, we automatically have an aggregated customer base. Our customers can use their coupons for travel on any form of sustainable transport (e-scooter, e-vehicle, public transport, train).

Eljun connects and converts employer loyalty programs into eTokens that can be used for all transactions from the app-based digital wallet.

We have recently launched the Eljun app on the App Store and Play Store. With the touch of a button, our end-users can pay for any conceivable e-mobility transportation, saving money on travel in the end.

Once we built this platform, we had to ask ourselves- how can we ensure that upon release, customers feel confident that we are delivering something that will support them?

We realized we required an entire back-office system. We must have customer service. We must have ticket management and event management. We needed something that would provide for every aspect of the customer experience.

With IBM and Shibuya, we ensure we are proactive in back-office operations, so that customers never even notice there’s a problem. We’re able to mitigate any issues before they even arise.

When we are talking to potential partners, we always mention we have Shibuya as our system for back-office support. It always demonstrates a strong partnership and a sense of security.

We ourselves feel secure at Eljun. As a small company with a very big vision, we can ‘leap off the shoulders of giants’ and ensure success. It is great to be partnering with someone who understands our needs and backs us up with safety, security, and stability. It’s been a game-changer.

It’s also amazing that Shibuya is local and so close to us. It’s been very valuable having them situated in Sweden. With this Shibuya-IBM collaboration, we have both the comfort of local proximity, and a global reach.

In five years, Eljun will be the silent engine that everybody has switched to for sustainable transport.

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