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Elin’s ticket to energy independence

She is the 5th generation of entrepreneurs on the farm, and it is not by chance that she invited us to be a part of that legacy. She has followed the development of technological innovation and renewable energy sources for years with a firm belief in the sustainable development of her local region. She is also a believer in Eljun, our sustainability mission and the technology behind it. Meet Elin Ericsson, one of our first producing members and leaders of the change we all need.

“My family has been producing solar energy for 7 years now. What was sad for us when we set up this instalment in 2014 was, at that time, we were not allowed to install more panels, because then we would become a “big producer”. One of the key reasons why we installed solar panels was to understand how we could sell instalments on the constructions our company, Hökärr Trä & Bygg AB builds. The need for installing solar panels and investing in renewable energy sources was there, already 2014 for both farmers as people living in a villa. Unfortunately, national legislations and other institutionally driven initiatives made it harder rather than easier during the years to keep on developing that business plan and the handling of renewable energy in general. You would have needed to focus solely on updating yourself on rules and regulations regarding producing energy to make it profitable. Which in the long run did not make it worth investing in. Today we see a more frictionless and progressive outlook to get it going again but we will see when and if that will happen.” For us at Eljun, this is one of the things we think is extra exciting about having someone like Elin onboard. The Fact that she represents a maturity that didn’t exist so profoundly before in the general public. This maturity consists of not only understanding the sustainable purpose of installing solar panels or investing in renewable energy but the drive to learn how you get the most out of it. What happens next and how can I take action? As of today, with global technical development, we can both produce, store and optimise renewable energy within a fair price range. This ticks all the boxes of making it worthwhile to take action in the larger movement of becoming self-sufficient when looking at the hardware. We’re also making small steps of progress with the (energy-consuming) process of national regulations working in our favour such as recently, the Swedish law change regarding extended exemption from energy tax for self-produced electricity.

So, why Eljun? At Eljun, we do expect a lot from our members as we are aiming to fill our Energy Club with people that want to make a real difference. Keeping track of the laws and regulations constraining their profitability, potential or social impact is not for our members but for us to keep tabs on and create opportunities around. That, together with helping our producing members choose the right instalment, puts us right next to other colleagues in the energy industry.

We are not unique by combining aspects of renewable energy under one roof. Hardware instalments, solar panels, batteries, charging stations or even the software and services that displays your energy lifecycle and optimise your overall usage are not new things. But we are unique for bringing it all to the next level. By adding AI, Blockchain and Circular Economy, you get the most out of your renewable energy. And it is around these disruptive aspects that Elin's reason to be a part of Eljun steams from.

It's all about energy sharing & community As a prosumer (producing consumers), you go to Tesla for aesthetics and Vattenfall for power. You go to Tibber for smart optimisation or Svea Solar for the specialised solar expert experience. As we are boldly combining all these solutions under one roof (a co-created energy club of both partners and people caring about profit and the planet) we are grateful for the other players on the market, pushing the development for our common goal closer to reality. By doing that, they have opened space where the new and impactful maturity of the public, fellow “Elin’s”, can act and meet our innovative solution.

In Sweden alone, there are many suppliers of renewable energy hardware. Cheap ones too. What's missing is post-installation energy services that simply utilises smart solutions and inspires us to reach our overarching sustainable development goals faster.

Moreover, the current energy system is designed with a large centralised production with long inefficient transmission to consumers. Furthermore, the whole value chain is closed and limited to a few large companies that pass on the costs of energy transmission to the end consumer via the grid tariff. This puts a brake on a concrete transition to a sustainable future, as consumers have little or no opportunity to make active choices about where their energy comes from.

Indeed, at present, prosumers who wish to install solar panels, batteries and other hardware are limited to the terms of their local traditional energy companies, and even then there is little incentive to carry out the installation. The Eljun Energy Club is the solution to make this possible. Consumers can join and gain access to affordable and verifiable green locally produced energy that enables smart active choices. Prosumers have an incentive to invest in affordable renewable energy hardware through Eljun-certified packages, and can then start sharing and selling overproduced green energy to other energy club members or other energy markets, creating more opportunities and increased profitability on their investments. For Elin, this means that she will be able to sell her energy that she does not need for her consumption and she can do it at a market price. She will get a transparent overview of not only her production and consumption but distribution as well. As Hökärr Trä & Bygg also possess the competence and business of installing solar panels on other roofs and Elin being a thought-leader within the local community and larger region, imagine the potential pool of social and green energy that could be produced and shared within the community and outwards. From just one prosumer. Building on that community aspect and the incentive already in place, before we even met Elin, was to take action for the sake of Näshulta, her family legacy and the entire region of Eskilstuna. Becoming a member of the energy club she now also has the opportunity to become a future energy security point for the events of blackouts hitting Eskilstuna at large. At a bare minimum, electrical vehicle owners could have locally produced energy as they drive by one of her future charging stations. And at best, even you, reading this on your laptop, smartphone or tablet could have it running on locally produced renewable energy from Elin.

The no-brainer

Living in Sweden and going solar is increasingly financially compelling with current and progressive national tax incentives, local state incentives, but most importantly now provided with the opportunity on both an individual and farm/villa level to own the energy supply issue. Finding and driving a business opportunity, instead of being dependent on the larger energy companies. Eljuns full ecosystem of products and services— solar, storage, charging, optimising and sharing — allows you to produce and truly use your clean energy. The economics of the Energy Club make the investment a no-brainer, allowing you to lower the cost of ownership of our solar instalments and lower the amount you pay your utility whilst adding a second revenue stream - Win, Win, Win.

Eljun’s Energy Club is how you get the most of your renewable energy for you and others. At least that is what Elin is getting out of it, being her ticket to energy independence.

Thank you, Elin, for letting us help you lead impactful social change.

Do you want to join Elin and grasp the same opportunity? Let us know and join the Energy Club!

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