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Travel for free

Use your eTokens to get free eMobility transportation. Earn them from your loyalty programs.

Take Charge

Decide how you spend
your eTokens: charge your car, travel by train, bus, or scooter

All in one place

The Eljun app provides an overview of all operators and providers and is a portal into their apps.

Download the app

Pay with Eljun when you charge your vehicle or use any other sustainable transportation

Earn eTokens and claim offers from your loyalty programs

Share eTokens with your loved ones

Profit from making the sustainable choice

You earn eTokens from your loyalty programs and you can sign up for as many as you like. These could be from your regular food store or as employee benefits from your workplace. You will get a steady income of eTokens that you can save up for a free vacation or spend on your daily commuting.


Either way, you will be able to experience more, more sustainably.

Get the App

Unlimited eMobility

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No matter how or where, your eTokens will get you there

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