Friends of Eljun

Together we lead the change

We are proud of all our partners, from the one's we've grown to call friends to our supporters. Everyone equally important in order to reach impactful change since all of our relationships started off with the same answer to a specific question.


If you could rebuild the entire energy-system and infrastructure, how would you do it? Let us know.

Great. We'll reach out.

Leaders of change

Our ambassadors and pioneers.

We're not sure if it's because Haneberg Säteri is a third-generation family business and Hökärr Trä & Bygg is the 5th generation to lead their family business, that makes them so authentic and caring. Nevertheless, they are now coming together to build the Energy Club!

Do you have plans of becoming self-sufficient, store and distribute green energy and would like to both save money and the planet doing it?


Innovation Partners

Some partners are set out to be with us for our very first steps.

To be able to scale our social impact we need partners that both enables our development but also wants to grow together with us. An example is our partnership with the local Näshulta LRF group where with the Swedish Energy Agency-backed Smart Farmer Project we together build the pilot and the The Näshulta Model - our vision of a circular energy economy.

Does your organisation also want to lead positive and sustainable change?

Let's become friends!


Enabling and empowering our business & brand development.

To be able to produce 100% green energy, we need the best hardware on the market. That is why we together with Kraftpojkarna offer turnkey systems, products and services in solar energy, energy storage and charging infrastructure. We also take care of installing and implementing. 

Norrsken Foundation is Europe's biggest impact hub making it a natural place for us to call home. The Norrsken House has been our home for almost 2 years, and we share the space with a lot of fellow impact unicorns. Bringing Tech, Purpose and Profit together under one roof.

The IBM Accelerator program is providing us with world-class tools and options for our software and AI development. A partnership we're proud to identify as our key enabler for scaling to our human-driven global super grid.

SoLucy is a modern and innovative marketing and brand development agency. Primarily focusing on partnerships with purpose-driven companies. Together we will make eljun come alive and hopefully entertain you along the way!

Academic Partners

Some partners are set out to shape our future.

We see a future where we have all transitioned to renewable options and where you are in charge of your own energy. There is no other way forward. Eljun is transforming today’s energy industry into a community of people that produce and consume energy locally through renewable sources. 

With a clear vision, we need the best and brightest talents to help us reach that future. We can't think of a better mix than merging the diverse and creative world of Hyper Island with the tech-oriented and business-driven worlds of Chalmers and KTH.

Impact Partners

Providing us with 100% good energy.

Are you ready to pave the way for a broad and sustainable development of the future energy sector? If so, follow us here! 

We Don't Have Time is our dearest friend of hopefully many that share's our perspective and ambitions goal of helping people lead the change.

Another great partnership we have is with Power Circle. Valuable for not only understanding the market and what the future withholds. But to meet, interact and engage with other industry partners and friends. Together we do, reflect, learn and apply.