Our future runs on renewable energy, by you


Electrical Vehicles In Sweden by 2030


Out of Swedish 21 county's need 1-5K additional posts each, already  today


Of new cars sales in Sweden will be EV by 2030


Of EU energy sources is today not fossil free.


Registered charging posts in Sweden today


More charging stations needed in Sweden alone by 2030

The journey you're joining


We got a charging station tailored for you!


Connect your charging station to the club.


Share your energy with other members to a market price.


Connect it to the grid and support other flexible markets.

Green Energy

Get renewable energy via your own or members solar instalments.

Eljun on the road

Get renewable energy to fuel your electrical vehicle and let others buy energy from your post.  

The Open Charging Network is an open-source, decentralized, digital protocol for electric vehicle (EV) charging, including peer-to-peer sharing between EV charging station owners and EV drivers.

It leverages the Energy Web blockchain technology and it can open up true cross-provider smart charging innovation on standard OCPI, and is a perfect fit to our Energy Club where we connect producers and consumers of green locally produced energy. 


Are you part of a fast-moving company that provides EV charging service and want to join us in this exciting path? Or owner of a EV and want to connect your post to our Energy Club?

Charge your car with renewable energy and earn money by allowing others to charge their EV via your charging post. Fill in the form below and we'll contact you for a free consultation and the next steps of instalment.

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