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Unlimited eMobility

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Birger Jarlsgatan 57C 

113 56 Stockholm 

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Unlimited eMobility 

Eljun aims to become the leading, global player to facilitate eMobility payments. With a large network of partners, we will financially incentivize end customers to travel more sustainably. Our patent-pending solution connects and converts loyalty and employer loyalty programs into eTokens, that can be used for all eMobility transactions from the app-based digital eWallet. On the pan-European market, we estimate our total user aggregation to:

ePartners - 82 million users

eOperators - 14 million users


And this is only the beginning. With our open API and IBM-supported integration eligible for 153 currencies, we expect a global outreach with effectively unlimited scalability.

Investment opportunity

That’s why the board of Eljun AB has decided to carry out a new issue of shares. Join us in our efforts towards a fossil-fuel-free transportation sector and seize this early-on investment opportunity for the future of eMobility payment systems. Request for our investment memorandum:

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