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Enterprise ready

Incorporate our technology to your value chain

Let us take care of all the OCPP, OCPI integrations, decentralized payment systems and other technicalities so that is becomes easier for your company to get into the core of eMobility ecosystem. 

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Stay innovative

Accelerate the transition to Post Petrol Era with one platform that:

Adds revenue opportunities

Explore additional revenue opportunities by incorporating a wide range of eMobility services. We facilitate a better utility of your investment assets and best value for the customers.

Eliminates silo-solutions

We foster cross-sector cooperation to unite multiple solutions in one Network. Harmonized payment solution, climate action, customer centric design and more.

Blockchain technology

Harmonized payment engine that reduces human errors due to manual processes, fosters peer-to-peer cooperation, and provides full transparency. It is accessible at all times for anyone from any location.