The Energy Club

Where renewable energy and modern technology becomes one. 


The 4 pillars of (y)our Energy Club


Producing consumer = "prosumer"

Prosumer is the name of a new role that includes people who is producing and consuming their own energy. It's a name that is growing in popularity. For us it comes with the instalments of solar panels or other renewable energy sources.

But being a prosumer today also comes with some limitations, due to national laws and regulations not adapting fast enough to the financial and environmental opportunities producing your own renewable energy withholds.

By adding all our pillars to being a prosumer, as well as the best hardware to do it, we aim to create the incentive that has been lacking and a digital community where you can utilise all that potential!


In a energy dependant world

Close your eyes and imagine your digital power bill letting you know everything regarding your electricity consumption. This is basically what all energy companies can offer you today. 

Now open your eyes and include that your smartphone or laptop that you're reading this on is charged with solar energy from your someone you know!

With methodologies from the telecom industry, modern AI-driven technology and a sharing economy orientation. We are creating that digital and sustainable community for you to tap into.


Smart people needs smart solutions

A major part of the new energy system is built on the ability to provide smart solutions. Whether you are developing smart homes or smart grids it does not matter, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't include all of that and smart optimisation in our Energy Club.

We are ready for the laws to open up on the current hindering regulations with an Energy Club default of optimising your production, consumption and/or distribution.

Our AI-driven technology is currently being developed alongside our blockchain solution that Chalmers University of Technology is building. Bringing world leading research and world changing people together to build a smart, flexible, digital and open platform.


Saving the planet should be profitable for everyone

It's no secret that this is our USP (Unique Selling Point). Being able to share energy from one individual to another is a digital and welcome solution to an analogue, deep-seated and long-stretched problem.

This is what provides an opportunity on individual and farm level to own the energy supply issue, and to find a business opportunity, instead of being dependent on the larger energy companies.

Building on that ownership, you will also be able to re-invest to your own community by either sharing to your neighbours or consume energy that your neighbour produces.

Let's bring the (starting with the Swedish) energy-system from 1800s to 2021 and leverage the power of the people to reach our sustainable development goals in 5 years instead of 10.