Discover unlimited charging available for everyone

We are too familiar with driving to a charging point that is occupied/out of service and we think it is toxic. That is why our platform provides real-life data that gives you the security of options. You can enable your charging station to another member just as you can use theirs. Long-distance travel will never be the same.​ Eljun Network aims to ease your eMobility travel experience because we believe you deserve better. 

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Do you dare to take charge of the outdated practices of charging infrastructure business together with us?

Because not all roads lead to a charging post


Become a host

Are you a part of “sharing is caring” community? Is your charging station in need of some caring as it is not used to its full capacity? Say no more, Airbnb of charging stations is at your service. We help you to open up for the other EV owners and even earn some money on it.  

Park & Charge

Did you just say that parking is sometimes more important than fast charging? We hear you and that is why we will help you to find locations that will be parking friendly so that you can take it slow.  

Dynamic Pricing 

It is time to forget about unreasonable grid prices because now you are in charge of the pricing scheme. Depending on time, location etc. algorithm will offer you the most convenient options.  

Book on the go

The Veni.Vidi. Vici. of charging experience is when you are certain that when you arrive you will get exactly what you wanted when booking it on the road. 


Spend some quality time with your charging station and provide us a description of it with some technicalities.  


Take Charge

Charging is on us! The rest is up to you, our token-based payment system allows you to charge anytime and anywhere. 



This is the stage where all the fun takes place. The world is your oyster so go ahead and explore all the charging stations out there, we look forward to hearing your stories.