Our digital solution will nurture cross-industry cooperation resulting in better user utility and additional revenues for all actors. A cherry on the top is decreased transaction cost as our decentralized payment system needs no middleman. 


Imagine the scenario where 90% of the cars in Stockholm's inner city are electric. It’s quiet, clean, smell free and what is most important they reduce the total share of carbon emissions. The Fossil fuel industry is history. If you share our excitement about this vision, here is a reality check for you: the most efficient way to do it is through cooperation. We invite all stakeholders to join us in pursuit of electrifying and digitalizing the fleet. 

Partner up & forward

Increase your traffic and ease it for your customers with our roaming. We'll help you sort out when a charging post needs to be reviewed and maintained. By working with us you will get feedback from multiple actors within EV industry. 


Private investors in charging infrastructure cannot make a profit by contributing to lowered emissions. This is the issue that tickles the very heart of the Eljun system, and it needs to change. Let’s talk about our pal Bob. He wants to be a responsible citizen of the world and gets an electric car along with a charging station. At this point, Bob is compromising his financial situation for the sake of responsible climate action. No compromise will be needed when Bob will integrate into Eljun Network. 

Let's work together?

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