Our future runs on renewable energy, by you


Electrical Vehicles In Sweden by 2030


Out of 21 Swedish counties need 1-5K additional posts each, already today


Of new cars sales in Sweden will be electric or hybrid by 2030


Of EU energy sources is today not fossil free.


Registered charging stations in Sweden today


More charging stations needed in Sweden alone by 2030

The journey you're joining

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Connect your charging station to the Energy Club.


Share your charging station to other members you trust.


Open up the charging station while you are not using it.

Green Energy

All charing stations is powered by locally produced green energy

Eljun on the road

Together we can awaken a sleeping charging stations network by connecting privately owned ones, start sharing with others, and help each other get to where we want to go.

By becoming a member and connecting your charging station(s) to the Energy Club, there's many opportunities to do good and even earn money.


First, when you open your charging station to another member it goes the other way too and you can use theirs. Great for when traveling far.

Second, as a member and if you have solar panels at home you can bring your green and free energy with you and charge at any of the Energy Club's connected charging stations.


Third, the Energy Club can operate the charging station in a friendly matter to the grid operator as a paid service. Passive income straight to your wallet.

Charge your car with renewable energy on your own or someone else's charging station, and earn money by allowing others to charge at yours. Fill in the form below and we'll contact you for a free consultation and the next steps to get started.


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