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If your destination is aligned with making the customer experience great again then we are heading in the same direction.  


Eljun is all about providing up-to-date charge point data, constantly field-testing new features, and doing everything possible to create a perfected user experience 2.0. Integrate with our White-label solution and have full operational control so that your brand becomes a pioneer in eMobility innovation.

Community, comfort and cost-control

The vision is clear. EMobility needs to be perfected. All the features that were previously a part of fragmented solutions are now unified in our platform. Eljun Network integrates multiple stakeholders to provide a complex digital domain with harmonized payment solution and effortless charging opportunities. Creating cooperation that nurtures a brighter future in the era of eMobility.

  • Cooperate with all stakeholders within the eMobility sector 

  • Full operational control of the enhanced metadata retrieved by blockchain technology

  • Enable customers to have the charging experience of their life

  • Implement a digital solution of tomorrow while cutting on the development cost

  • Accelerate the electrification of all the roads

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