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About us

Eljun is a blockchain-based, green payment solution that makes it easier and more profitable for people to choose eMobility. We help people be part of the green transition while giving them convenience, cash and comfort. 

Eljun provides a unique patent-pending solution that connects and converts loyalty and employer loyalty programs into eTokens, that can be used for all eMobility transactions from

the app-based digital eWallet.

We aim to become a global player to facilitate eMobility payments. With a large network of partners, we can financially incentivise end-customers to travel more sustainable. 

Unlimited eMobility

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Birger Jarlsgatan 57C 

113 56 Stockholm 

© 2023 By Eljun AB. Created by Yadi Yada.

Eljun’s mission is to create new effective ways of working together toward our common goals.

We are a green financial technology aimed at tackling the main obstacle hindering an electrified transportation sector: the fragmentation of payment solutions.With our web3 decentralized payment solution, we aim to bring a unified payment engine to all eMobility services and abolish the current fragmentation for good.

Only then can we achieve the broad behavioral change that we so urgently need.

Why we exist? 

For any sustainable change to occur, we need to ensure that being sustainable is profitable, comfortable, and convenient. But as any EV driver can testify to, this is far from the case today. And the electrification of the transport sector is lagging far behind.

The reason for this is that we’ve gotten ourselves stuck in a dysfunctional market dynamic. A dynamic where competition between eMobility providers, fragments the payment solution landscape.

In this harsh environment, eMobility providers are simply forced to create siloed payment solutions in order to achieve customer lock-in effects. Their hands are tied since they don’t have a unified system of payment solutions to rely on.

Resulting in a cascade of cards, tags, apps, and a never-ending cycle of registration and downloading of codes to get where you’re going.

We therefore need to find a way to ensure that market competition supports the unification of the market, rather than its fragmentation. A web3 decentralized payment system is how we get there.

Why decentralized payments?

“Trust” is the keyword to understand the benefits of the leap from web2 to web3.

In a web2 ecosystem, trust is centralized around one single entity: banks.However, stakeholders cannot trust each other, which is the cause of the fragmentation.


And yes, to suggest that they could ever trust each other explicitly would be naive.
But in the web3 ecosystem, trust is decentralized. Meaning eMobility providers would be able to trust each other implicitly rather than explicitly.


And just like that, we have a game-changing payment system on our hands:


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