Abundance is a vision that unites billions. That is also a title for the book by Peter Diamantis and Steven Kotler. One of the chapters tells a reader about Technophilantrophy. It is a general term to define people who choose to invest in technological innovations with the purpose to make this world a better place in one way or another. According to the book, this breed of people is characterized by a high level of optimism, a magnanimous sphere of caring, and an appetite for the big and bold. Eljun was born as a product of Technophilantrophy by people who are ready to rewrite the rule book. While there is a buffet of problems that your average technophilantrophist can work with, we choose to pick the fight against imperfections of eMobility. The way we see it is that Technophilantrophy is a remedy for the obstacles that all of us face in our everyday life. Inconveniences are slowing down the processes that are aimed to improve the world and make life more worry-free.

Impact Focus

Our solution is developed by future-focused perfectionists and the fight we pick is against the fossil fuel industry. Our creation is aimed at the Post-petrol Era. Accelerating the fleet electrification by providing a digital platform for multiple stakeholders and making the end-user experience flawless is our strategy.  We believe that it is time to wake up the “sleeping infrastructure” and utilize every investment ever made to its full capacity.  

About Us

Eljun is the Old Norse name for energy. For us, it means a natural and great force that we all can use. Energy already available to everyone, solar and wind. Our Scandinavian roots are at the core of our identity, it comes with a respect for our beautiful landscapes and a closeness to nature.

We believe that good energy should be accessible for everyone, doing good for the community and your wallet. Our platform enables you to make a sustainable impact by optimizing the use of resources in a cost-efficient way. Join our digital energy community today to make the future more convenient.

🎉 Top 50 impact company

2021 we were announced as one of the top 50 impact companies in the Nordics by the One Initiative. A proud moment since we from the start have put out to merge profit with impact and earning our place working from Europes biggest impact hub, Norrsken.

Our Leadership

Fredrik Billing

Tore Stenbock

Supipi Algama

Frontend Developer

Solomiia Pereviznyk

Communication Lead

Erik Granholm

Johan Wennerberg

Investor Relations

We salute you, who have a healthy appetite for the big and bold innovations that aim to make the world a more convenient and sustainable place. If you feel like accelerating the eMobility evolution, we invite you to visit our DocSend. There you can take a sneak peek at our Whitepaper, Pitch Deck, and the Case study that IBM wrote about us. #TakeCharge to access it 😉